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Revamp XV2 Patch Notes (v4.0.2) April Fools

General Changes/Additions:

  • Mystery Pack #2 Released

  • Added 2 New NPCs

  • Added 2 New Unlockable Super Souls

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue causing the installer to fail at bcs installation for some users has been fixed

  • Supreme Kai of Time’s presets showing her Christmas portrait has now been fixed

  • Fixed an issue regarding Gogeta (Super Saiyan) face colors using vanilla colors

  • Super Vegito Super Soul now activates when transforming

  • Fixed an issue causing Vegeta's partner slot to disappear when using Xeno outfit

  • Fixed an issue with partner Raditz scouter colors

Add-On Releases:

Mystery Pack #2


*Game features described above are based on current in-development features that are subject to change based on final development changes and/or game tuning or updates that may remove or modify some or all of the above features.

- Revamp XV2 Team



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