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Revamp CaC Overhaul - Dynamically Transforming Hair

Dynamically Transforming Hair

In the upcoming Revamp CaC Overhaul, it will finally be possible to change your hairstyle in-game and have the transformed counterparts change dynamically depending on whichever hairstyle you choose, completely seamlessly! We hope this is something others can also build upon in the future, we're excited to share it with you all.

We know this is a feature that many Xenoverse 2 fans have wanted since Xenoverse 1 first released, and we're excited to be able to provide it for you all. A huge thank you to @o0DemonBoy0o without him this would never have been possible.


*Game features described above are based on current in-development features that are subject to change based on final development changes and/or game tuning or updates that may remove or modify some or all of the above features.

- Revamp XV2 Team



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