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Revamp CaC Overhaul - Dynamically Transforming Bodies

Dynamically Transforming Bodies

In the upcoming Revamp 5.0, in addition to the Dynamic Transforming Hair feature, we will also be introducing Dynamic Transforming Bodies!! This means that your avatar will now properly scale with certain transformations like 'Super Saiyan God' and 'Super Saiyan Blue Evolution' when awakened.

For example, if you awaken into the 'Super Saiyan God' form, your body will become slightly thinner, just like Goku and Vegeta's bodies do in the manga and anime. Likewise, if you awaken into the 'Super Saiyan Blue Evolution' form, your body will beef up, similar to Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Unlike the base game, where most of the changes are only to the head and hair, this feature will add more consistency to various forms and provide a more accurate change to the CaC when transforming. This not only makes CaCs stand out more but also helps the game and its customization features feel more authentic and fresh.


A huge thank you to @o0DemonBoy0o! Without him, this feature would never have been possible.


*Various game features and proportions shown above are based on current in-development features that are subject to change based on final development changes and/or game tuning/updates that may remove or modify some or all of the above features.

- Revamp XV2 Team



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